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Nadene Merkitch

Nadene Merkitch Fine Art

Beverly Hills, CA


TRADITIONAL & DIGITAL FINE ARTIST - (At Merkitch Studios - in Beverly Hills, California & now Austin, Texas)

Nadene Merkitch followed her dream of becoming a world-class artist, all the way from her native New York to Hollywood, California. Along the road, she lived in a variety of environments that proved to be a valuable springboard for her unique multicultural artistic approach.

She is well-versed in both the traditional and digital arts. Nadene's amazing creations, which exhibit a deep artistic understanding, have been displayed in a diverse set of venues, from the trendy 7-Degrees Gallery in Laguna Beach to the classical Pasadena Historical Museum in Pasadena, California. Her work showcased in movies such as Universal Pictures Big Fat Liar, Warner Brothers, Bull, and Pay or Play by Movie Mogul. Other selected works have appeared on hit TV shows such as Dharma & Greg and the NBC "Emmy Award" winning series - Will & Grace. Notable among the collectors of Nadene's work, is Oprah Winfrey, whose private collection includes "Hope" from her angel sculpture series.

Subsequent to putting herself through college and earning a Fine Arts degree from California State University of Los Angeles, Nadene participated in national and international juried competitions and won numerous awards. She's also been involved in cutting edge "group" shows with notable artists such as well known New York based photographer David Levinthal. Nadene's been active in helping to raise funds for charities and worthwhile causes with her beautiful works of art.

Consequently, Nadene Merkitch's involvement in the arts led her to the rare opportunity of getting to study under famous artist - Thomas Kinkade. She's been honored with a "Certificate of Recognition for Dedication and Commitment to the Arts" - by the California State Legislature. It was awarded to Nadene in recognition of her donation of time and work to charity, and over 10 years of diverse, award winning artwork.

In addition to earning a Fine Arts Degree, Nadene loved studying photography and graphic art. She became a proud graduate of the Wolden Multimedia Institute, of Anaheim, California acquiring a certificate in Graphic Design & Multimedia

Among her many publications you can find her in the Pasadena Historical Museum's 2002 publication "A Cultural Legacy" covering her award winning works of art to her involvement with the notable historic art group - "The Pasadena Society of Artists "in which she was an elected member and served in office as the 2nd Vice President/Exhibitions for a few years, and is presently still a member.

She was also featured in the Palos Verdes Style Magazine "Personal Visions" (article) March/April 1997 as well as the Digital Fine Art Magazine "Collective Vision" (article) Summer 2000.

Nadene Merkitch has enjoyed teaching art publicly and privately out of her studio. She also offers "art advisory" services and works on custom artwork for clients, but still finds time to continue to create astonishing works of art from her heart.



Long Road to Hollywood by Nadene Merkitch


Angel of Serenity by Nadene Merkitch


Sunset Dreams by Nadene Merkitch


Explosion by Nadene Merkitch


Ancient Memories by Nadene Merkitch


Entwined by Nadene Merkitch


The Healer by Nadene Merkitch


Loving Thoughts of You by Nadene Merkitch


Autumn Dreams - black and white by Nadene Merkitch


Autumn Dreams - sepia tone by Nadene Merkitch


Ancestral Peace Makers by Nadene Merkitch


Midsummer Angel by Nadene Merkitch


The Shy Damsel by Nadene Merkitch


Family of Love by Nadene Merkitch


The Dream Maker Princess by Nadene Merkitch


Lover's Secret Garden by Nadene Merkitch


Angel of Peace by Nadene Merkitch


Chaos by Nadene Merkitch


A Mother's Love by Nadene Merkitch


Circle of Life by Nadene Merkitch


Angel of Appreciation by Nadene Merkitch